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Warning for new registrations ! Please follow the standards for names.

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2024 17:00
by AP_Chrisax
:pirate_flag: Alliance forums have been spammed with 50ish new accounts creations over the last 3 days.

Noone of them contains a legit character name. None of them contains an org's name abbreviation. They are likely, for most, just accounts created by scam bots or so.

In those conditions, it is impossible to manage new accounts if they don't follow the formatting rules, as requested in our raids agendas' posts:

- the name must be your Main Character's name (or the most used name in The Alliance)
- the name must be preceded with the abbreviation of your org followed with the sign "_" like "AP_Scykeep"
Abbreviations are there ... =55&t=2041

Names that don't follow this pattern will be ignored. Sorry.

Please keep your orgmates, especially new ones, informed. :slight_smile: