The organizations in The Alliance (list and abbreviations)

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The organizations in The Alliance (list and abbreviations)

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Up to date January 2024

The following organizations are in The Alliance:
Ancarim Iron Legion (AIL)
Athen Paladins / GoA (AP) / Resolution 1024 (AP)
BROKEN (BR) (previously Void Riders - VR)
Edge of Something (EoS)
Coven of Hunters / Children of the hunt (COH)
Haven (HAV)
Mjolnir (MJ)
Nordic Alliance (NA)
Northern Front (NF)
Phoenix Rising (PR)
Redemption (RED)
Spectre / Spirit (SP)
The Asylum (TA)
The Exodus (TE)
The Glowing Nightflies (TGNF)
The Syndicate (TS)
Tiger Claw (TC)
Unity of the Rose (UOTR)
Void Riders / Most Wanted (VR) (Now "BROKEN")
Zweiundvierzig ("42")

Note for org bots administrators ONLY: the abbreviations above are the ones your must use to identify your bot when you configure the relay to Alliance chat, without the "_". For example, the ID for Athen Paladins' bot is "AP", for Coven of Hunters' bot "COH", etc.
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