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The organizations in The Alliance (list and abbreviations)

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 19:33
by AP_Chrisax
The following organizations are in The Alliance (13 March 2021):
Attention please: the list is almost definitive, but waiting for some information to come to me
Athen Paladins / GoA (AP) / Resoution 1024 (AP)
Atrox Caelestis / Deus Caelestis (AC)
Dragons (DRA)
Coven of Hunters / Children of the hunt (COH)
Haven (HAV)
Mjolnir (MJ)
Nordic Alliance (NA)
Phoenix Rising (PR)
Spectral (SPE) - ex Dark Mark (DM) - ex-WHC
Spectre / Spirit (SP)
The Asylum (TA)
The Glowing Nightflies (TGNF)
The Syndicate (TS)
Unity of the Rose (UOTR)
Unlimited High Society (UHS)
Werewolf Operation (WO)
Zweiundvierzig ("42")

Note for org bots administrators ONLY: the abbreviations above are the ones your must use to identify your bot when you configure the relay to Alliance chat, without the "_". For example, the ID for Athen Paladins' bot is "AP", for Coven of Hunters' bot "COH", etc.